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January 26th 2018
Mind The Product - Workshop


NewRelity co-founder & CPO Ivar Pruijn is one of the two trainers of this Product Management Foundations 101 Workshop. More info from the event:

Specifically designed for product managers with 1+ years of experience and no previous formal training, this course - led by Ivar Pruijn and Iris van de Kieft - lays the building blocks for understanding the product manager role, creating a framework that enables participants to be effective product managers who can consistently deliver on a product vision.
Designed for product managers who want to lay the foundation for progression and development, participants will leave with a clear understanding as to what they are empowered to do, and the frameworks that provide support to get them started.

Past events:

December 14th 2017
ProductTank Amsterdam


NewRelity co-founder & CPO Ivar Pruijn will be speaking about data-driven decision making and roadmapping for Product Teams. More info from the event

Building a product that is intuitive is hard, building one that people actually love is even harder. It requires customer insight, product vision, clear objectives, and being 'nimble' to adapt to changes in the market. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that roadmapping - the framework a lot of product people use to actually plan for building delightful products - was the top pick of our community when we recently asked for your input on meetup themes.

On Thursday 14 December, we'll learn how organizations like The City of Amsterdam, and EclecticIQ build their roadmaps, and how NewRelity helps companies with data-driven decision making.